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01. Question :- What is the amount allocated to Hon. Members for the year 2014?
Answer:- Rupees 2.5 million for a Hon. Member

02. Question :- What is the procedure for presenting a resolution through the criteria
based decentralized program of Hon. Members?
Answer:- The relevant resolution is to be sent to the planning department through Hon. Member. Then Divisional Secretariat or Pradesheeya Sabha, as the case may be will be selected as the implementing agency, implementation of such program after obtaining necessary documents

03. Question :- What are the fields for which money can be obtained from the Hon. Members decentralized fund?

  • For the economic infrastructure facility development work such as roads, electricity and drinking water.
  • Roofing sheets for low income earners galvanized sheds and chairs for Death Donation or Rural Development Societies; chairs and desks for schools and rural Health Centers
  • For starting any suitable legitimate business/ industry as a self employment device.
  • For sports and cultural development work.
  • For construction and reconstruction of irrigation systems, canals, dams etc. and for supplying agricultural implements.

04. Question :- What is the maximum amount that can be granted. For starting a self
employment what are the requirements to be satisfied for obtaining this assistance?
Answer:- Rs. 35,000.00.

A  project report has to be prepared for every project and recommendation
of the respective Ministry / Department should be obtained for it

05. Question :- What is the maximum amount that can be granted to a registered sports society to buy sport goods?
Answer:- Rs. 20,000.00.


06. Question:- What is the maximum limit that can be g ranted to a Death Donation or Rural Development Society   for buying sheds or chairs?
Answer:- Rs. 30,000.00.

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